Local, Cost-Effective Waste Disposal


We establish waste collection service frequencies that match the waste streams and waste volumes your facility is generating, ensuring you're only paying for what you need. 


As a national company with locally based service teams, we will not sub-contract out your waste. It's our trucks, our facilities, our treatment. We don't put your compliance at risk. 


We are a leading healthcare waste expert managing biohazardous wate, pathological waste, sharps, non-hazardous + hazardous pharmaceuticals, and chemotherapy waste. 


Our sharps containers and medical waste bins are designed by clinicians for clinicians; engineered for safety, robotically washed and sanitized for optimum infection control, designed for healthcare 



Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Fresno

Our legacy consists of producing sustainable, credible, and personalized healthcare waste management services for over 30 years. With a clean processing facility located in Fresno, we continue to provide our customers with transparent communication, reliability, and professionalism. Our services are trusted in the west coast. We have no desire to broker waste. Our team focuses on providing top-notch management of medical waste disposal services, including chemotherapy waste, regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, sharps disposal, and hazardous waste disposal. Compliance standards and regulation are our top priorities. Daniels Health is an expert at lowering costs and reducing infection in for Fresno healthcare facilities.

As a clinical-outcome focused medical waste partner, we gladly provide your business with the following:

  • Increased Infection Control. Our robotic washline leaves your containers spotless, eliminating microbial growth to a 106 log kill.
  • All-sized Facilities. From dental offices, veterinarians, research facilities, and large hospitals, we have the infrastructure and expertise to service you.
  • No 3rd Party Hauler Risk. Our containers, our trucks, our manifests, our treatment facility in Fresno –  no third parties are involved in the cradle-to-grave management of your waste.
  • The World's Safest Sharps Container. Our reusable sharps containers reduce needlestick injuries by 87%, with 16 in-built safety mechanisms & hands-free disposal.
  • Customized Services. We cater to your individual needs. Your desired frequency of service, as well as your personal waste volume needs, determine your fees. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Compliance & Education. In addition to our compliance portal, we provide industry leading training and education to your staff. 




Your facility’s level of cleanliness and infection relies on your access to useful resources. We acknowledge this fact, and we promise to consistently provide spotless bins, use the best hand-hygiene practices, and reduce, if not eliminate, cross-contamination within your organization.

We know that proper healthcare waste management assists with eliminating not only infection control risks, but also the illegal practice of trading of used medical tools. At Daniels Health, we gladly review proper regulatory guidelines and provide extensive educational resources. A report detailing each waste collection pickup is provided as well, consisting of the number of containers serviced, as well as the types and amounts of waste disposed of. Certificates of Destruction are readily available, along with the reassurance of using the best pre-eminent medical waste containers on the market. Click here to view our unmatched selection or click below to view our customer testimonials.





Service in Fresno.

Resting right in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, on the southern outskirts of the Central Valley of California, Fresno is a charming small town with a big city boom. Built at the end of the Gold Rush Era, this city is now one of the most affordable places to live in the country. Fresno consistently reminds us that we chose the right place to do business.  


Fresno gives us an abundance of reasons to enjoy its charm. Our team appreciates the mysterious allure of the Forestiere Underground Gardens. Thanks to the hard work of Baldassare Forestiere, we get to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing underground maze of grottos, gardens and fruit trees. (Impressively, he created this historic landmark without drawing any plans!) Our team also enjoys passing time on the weekends at River Park. Here, we like to catch a movie at ‘The Shops of River Park,’ indulge in some retail therapy at ‘The Marketplace at River Park,’ and grab a bite to eat at the ‘River Park Plaza.’

Fresno provides impressive healthcare along with its impressive views. We are proud of the Fresno Surgical Hospital for their noteworthy approach to providing the absolute best in healthcare. This teaching hospital has received a five-star rating for their impressive performance in orthopedics, hip and knee replacement to be exact, from the U.S. News & World Report. They have also received a five-star rating in terms of patient overall experience.

We strive to provide healthcare waste management in the same fashion as the clinicians of Fresno – safe, efficient, and superb..



We service locally.


When we say local service, we seriously mean it. We are so committed to supporting the California medical system that we build a clean processing facility located in Fresno, with transfer stations to support growing demands for effective, safe, and environmentally sustainable business practices in healthcare. Our plant is fully equipped with a rigorous 8-step robotic washline and a team of Fresno locals (that also happen to be operational & compliance experts) who look forward to meeting you. For information about the local medical waste handling and storage regulations applicable in Fresno, visit our California services page here


Featured Product.


Our standard reusable containers are ideal for patient areas where container security is a high priority, but what about secure clinical areas like surgical suites? We have a solution for that, too. The Sharpsmart Access Plus, seen to the right, comes without a tilt-tray opening, allowing for easy disposal of sharps and bulk waste in areas without public access to patients. It’s still completely reusable and comes with safety features like our built-in locking mechanism and can help you in the reduction of waste volumes and optimized segregation efficiencies.