Would you put a Cardboard Box of waste in your Bedroom?  

The answer is a resounding no. For many reasons, but a few come to mind: 

  • Aesthetically, it is simply not "feng shui
  • A wide disposal opening without any closure mechanism makes unsightly waste contents far too visible
  • Predisposition to leakage could contaminate the surrounding livable area and make "one heck of a mess!
  • The process of assembly, closure and relocation is time-wasting and unsafe   
  • A disposable containment solution is negatively impacting the environment? 
  • It is unclean, unsanitized and unhygienic! 


But let's not forget... all of these objections are for a domestic setting where there are no critically ill patients! Transposing this situation into a clinical environment, how did US Healthcare ever render it acceptable to have medical waste collected in a cardboard box in a clinical setting, where the risks are far greater than domestic environments, and hospital acquired infections account for 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths each year in the United States. The lack of infection control products and processes in the healthcare waste industry amplifies infection risks to healthcare workers in what should be the "cleanest", most "hygienic" and "contamination free" place on earth - a patient-care and healing environment. 

What needs to change in healthcare waste handling?

In a post Covid-19 era, we need to rethink our processes around medical waste management 


Sanitization / decontamination of waste containers after use to remove risk of infection transfer 


Implementing hands-free medical waste bins and containers to remove risk of surface cross-contamination


Mobile waste disposal solutions with over-fill controls that enable waste to be kept outside of the patient room 


Clinically designed bins that promote safe segregation and remove staff exposure to contaminated items 

At Daniels, we look at waste management clinically

Delivering an infection-control based approach to Healthcare Waste Management

Daniels presents a dramatic shift from traditional medical waste companies by operating within the four walls of a healthcare facility. We know healthcare, and our approach reflects a clinical focus on eliminating infection transfer risk, minimizing patient interruptions, increasing efficiency and ensuring staff and patient safety. Daniels’ diverse and flexible offering caters for small independent diagnostic and treatment centers right through to long term care, research centers, laboratories and multi-campus hospitals. With our own trucks, treatment, simple contracts and transparent pricing we have turned medical waste management on its head in North America, creating a service model that aligns with the clinical needs of healthcare.

Medical Waste Management's Surprising Role in Infection Control

Did you know that medical waste is is often touched more than four times as it makes its way through a hospital? Explore how the flow of waste can impact infection control and what you can do to reduce risk by eliminating manual  "touches" to your waste.



Take your Waste Management to The Next Level.

To learn more about modern waste containment that supports infection control, view our medical waste containers here

OR... if you're interested in understanding how Daniels Health could transform your healthcare waste management processes, book some time in with one of our specialists - we would love to understand your safety, infection control and environmental goals.