Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Sharpsmart containers not enclosed in a wall cabinet?

Sharpsmart sharps containers were specifically designed to be cabinet-free so as to minimize wall space and maximize container volume. With the largest safety aperture of any sharps container in the world, one-handed disposal of sharps is easy and there is no secondary cabinet that misdirected sharps can fall into. Daniels’ Human Factor Analysis studies ensured a product design that is based on clinical staff needs and behavior. Unlike point-first, vertical-drop sharps containers, Sharpsmart’s counterbalanced tray prevents overfilling, inhibits entry of small hands and inhibits sharps removal. The unique, patented counterbalanced tray was engineered with low-weight sensitivity enabling a 0.5 ml insulin syringe to be deposited automatically. The large safety aperture virtually eliminates deposit injuries, which is the most common cause of container-associated injuries among sharps containers with narrow apertures.

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