Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Sharpsmart system?

Sharps management costs (containerization plus sharps injury costs) are less with Sharpsmarts. Hard costs (cost of purchasing containers) are typically similar to other container systems. The Sharpsmart system gives the best return on sharps-reduction investment. Compared with other engineered safety devices such as needle-less systems and safety syringes (costing several times more than the standard devices they are replacing), the Sharpsmart system offers a significant reduction in sharps injuries for  a similar cost as current sharps containers. In their efforts to reduce sharps injuries to staff, healthcare organisations often spend huge amounts of money on implementing systems and purchasing safety devices that are proven to cause fewer injuries. The Sharpsmart system is one of the few sharps safety devices that is both proven to reduce sharps injuries and is comparably priced with the device it replaces.

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