Frequently Asked Questions

How do we train our staff?

Training/Onboarding is typically a 2 week process. i. Week 1 is comprised of paperwork, introductions to Daniels Health products & services, introduction to each hospital account the FST will be responsible for, introduction to key customer stakeholders within each hospital account, basic navigation of the account(s), basic understanding of the FST role (Premium or Premium Plus)…how to properly conduct oneself in a hospital environment, how to check in with each unit during service, proper protocol for gaining entry to each patient care room to conduct service, how to properly conduct service while at the point of care, minimizing patient interruptions to maximize a healing environment, etc. ii. Week 2 is structured towards converting the FST from shadowing the role with minimal involvement to fully transitioning into the active FST role. FST’s will assume the lead of the daily/weekly check-ins, lead the route for given hospital account based upon Week 1 trainings, & will endure continual question/answer sessions from the FSM/SR FST to test knowledge retention & thoroughly ensure FST is prepared to embark upon the role without direct supervision.

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