Medical Waste Solutions
that prioritize Infection Control

As a Skilled Nursing community, your primary goal is to provide exceptional care and safety to your residents - choose clinically-designed healthcare waste containers that protect against infection risk both in normal times, and in the world we live in right now with COVID-19 vaccine distribution being our utmost priority. 

Easily transmitted viral outbreaks, like COVID-19, have underscored, with force, that extensive infection control measures must endure in Skilled Nursing communities across the United States.

Daniels Health partners with you to ensure that your healthcare waste management systems are part of those control measures. All Daniels’ reusable containment systems are expertly installed to provide point-of-use disposal or implemented onto our mobile carts to help you easily remove waste from the patient environment – reducing the risk to both them and staff. We proudly offer solutions for all healthcare waste streams generated from Skilled Nursing communities!

Daniels containers have been on hand for the first vaccine injections in the UK and the USA, and we are proud to have delivered 99.6% on-time sharps and medical waste pickup services over the last 10 months to Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care facilities in spite of operational challenges bought upon by the pandemic. With over 30 years of experience, our unique solutions can improve your compliance, efficiencies, and overall cost of ownership of healthcare waste management! 


With local transport, waste processing and a team of compliance, clinical and customer service experts dedicated to supporting our skilled nursing partners, we are ready to serve you. 


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The science behind our solutions: 

  • All our reusable containment systems were designed with feedback from clinicians like you. Our reusable sharps container alone has over 20 inbuilt safety features! Explore here
  • Our Medismart container is a mobile solution for red bag waste that has passed, with flying colors, the rigorous microbiome testing necessary for pharmacy clean rooms 
  • Adoption of our reusable sharps containment system, the Sharpsmart, helped one facility achieve 51% reduction in container exchange labor 
  • Daniels Health consistently creates educational material that will always be accessible to you in our Knowledge Center
  • Not only are Daniels containment systems the safest on the market, they're the most sustainable - in some cases helping reduce the plastic going to landfill from single-use sharps containers by over 50 tons.

Beyond the science, we have an incredible local team who are passionate about delivering medical waste management support that empowers our customers to focus on patient care. 





Simple, Safe + Secure Waste Management


A single waste management expert providing sharps, red bag waste, pharmaceutical, hazardous waste and compliance expertise. Simplicity and cost effective consolidation in waste management. 


Save on overall costs with service frequencies that meet your needs, clinically designed containers sized appropriate to the waste volumes you generate, transparent pricing and waste segregation education. 


We're local, we're reliable, we're experienced and we put your needs first. All Daniels Health team members are dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience.