Written by Megan Chamberlain
18 Mar 2021

Operations Spotlight: Daniels Health Orlando

Healthcare facilities in and around Florida have relied on Daniels Health for over a decade as a total healthcare waste management partner – we allow you to simplify the process by consolidating all medical waste management to one provider.

Florida is fortunate to have numerous medical waste haulers throughout the state; however, many of these options participate in third party hauling or do not possess the equipment or certifications to both pickup and treat healthcare waste. That’s where we come in!

Daniels Health is full service: we provide reusable waste containment systems (when applicable), pick up your waste, and treat it all at our clean processing plant in Orlando. We create a clinical approach to healthcare waste management that not only impacts your safety but delivers peace of mind that your cradle to grave responsibilites are being upheld.

In this blog, explore our Southeast operations as well as the teamwork that makes the Daniels Orlando team so successful in our mission of Making Healthcare Safer.

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1 / Our Southeast servicing solutions

2 / How we uphold your compliance

3 / Q&A with State Operations Manager, Charles Rivera



Our Southeast Service

Established in 2010, our clean processing plant in Orlando serves as the base of our Southeast operations – providing modern healthcare waste management to surrounding facilities. We have grownt to support several significant healthcare providers across the state like AdventHealth, Watson Clinic, and Physicians Regional.

A few facts about this plant:

  • Plant Location: Orlando
  • Plant Established: 2010
  • Size of Facility: 30,000
  • Areas of service: Florida, South Georgia, southern coast of South Carolina
  • Waste streams serviced: Sharps, Regulated Medical Waste, Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical, RCRA Hazardous, Trace Chemotherapy, USP 800 and Pathological
  • Waste Treatment Methods: our patented robotic washline, autoclave, compactor, shredder


Reduction of microbiome is a key priority and how our reusable waste containers provide new levels of infection control. We achieve clinical hygiene through the sanitization of each container when they return to our treatment plant. Your Daniels’ reusable waste containers undergo an 8-step process on our robotic washline that result in a level of sanitization 6xs higher than required by the CDC. To learn more about our washline technology, click here


Compliance with Storage Requirements

We understand that each state has their own unique regulations around healthcare waste management disposal, storage, and treatment. Our team of clinical experts are familiar with your compliance needs on both a state and federal level – ensuring you are always in the green.

Did you know if you are a healthcare waste generator in Florida your storage cannot exceed 30 days?


64E-16.004 Storage and Containment.

(1) Storage.

(a) Storage of biomedical waste at the generating facility shall not exceed 30 days. The 30-day period shall commence when the first non-sharps item of biomedical waste is placed into a red bag or sharps container, or when a sharps container containing only sharps is sealed.

(b) Storage of biomedical waste in a place other than at the generating facility shall not exceed 30 days. The 30 day storage period shall begin on the day the waste is collected from the generator.


With our fleet of trucks and streamlined operations, we are able to easily provide this regular need of service per Department of Health codes. Our goal is to perform our functions so well that you never have to worry or give much thought to your waste management – we want to free you up focus on what really matters, the patients in your care.


Florida Services     Florida Waste Regulations



Your Local Florida Team

Q&A with State Operations Manager, Charles Rivera - see why this servicing plant performs at optimum efficiency – it’s people.


Every journey of growth needs a leader to help guide the way and continue building. For us, that person is Charles Rivera and his team. Over the last few years this group has completely optimized our Southeast operations and allowed us to serve healthcare more efficiently and with higher levels of customer excellence.


Q: What was one effort that helped Daniels Orlando grow to its current level of excellence?

A: When I joined Daniels, I knew there would need to be a few changes for things to better function. One of the biggest things I did was build a team of people that put Daniels first. I told my team that if you have the right people doing the right tasks you will work less in the future. We got people into the right place, and improvement showed tremendously. Not only in customer service, but throughout the whole organization: P&L, performance, and the morale in the plant. 


“The plant employees were great to begin with. They just needed some leadership and some guidance and to be shown a little love.”



Q: You and your team go on regular customer visits, what do you accomplish during these visits?

A: I’m a very visible leader and visit hospitals to maintain and build relationships. I've visited every site of significance at least twice in the last 120 days. 


AdventHealth is a significant customer in our organization. Mike Schmitt, our Account Manager for AdventHealth, and I visit there together. We try to visit every customer, even small ones, so at least they all know a face to the name. They know who I am and that I will be there for them.


I never go without data, so I bring the data about recent performance. I explain to them how many containers they’re turning. Sharing these insights helps a relationship. We set expectations, on both sides, for how we can improve certain areas and commit to those changes together.


I think getting to know the customers is vitally important for the success and the future of growth. You can’t grow if you don’t have a face of the organization. It’s just imperative to us, to build and open up new facilities, and take on new business.



Q: How would you describe the team dynamic of the Orlando business unit?

A: One of the things I want to make sure I highlight is that the team is the reason why we're better. My team is a cohesive group all pulling in one direction to serve our customers. We have all ranges of skillsets that give us an advantage in servicing the Florida and surrounding market. One of the stark differences, between how we operated when I joined and where we are now, is that every role has now been defined and everyone knows their expectations. This makes it very easy to focus on the customer and I can continue to put processes in place to train them.


It's all about my team and their continued growth. Nothing in Florida improves without them. In the beginning I identified everybody’s strengths and weaknesses, I really, really harped on their strengths and I told them that I will train them on their weaknesses. If you operate to your strength, then the company’s going to succeed


This allowed us to get better instantly. It’s almost a 70% improvement just because we’re focusing on what you do really well, we hired you there because you do something good, right? If you put them in a position to succeed, and then it’s my job now to make sure that I give them the tools to work on what they maybe they don’t do as well as someone else. I think that’s what’s turned around, and that’s why we’re doing so well. Once everybody understood that you don’t have to do everything for us to be successful, we began to realize the success we sought after.



Charles’ passion for leadership and the dedication to his team is the level of ownership we strive to build across our entire organization. All these efforts create our foundation to live our mission: Making Healthcare Safer. If you were inspired by the growth of the Orlando team and interested in joining this dynamic group, explore our open roles.


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