Placement of the Medismart

This useful safe operating procedure outlines correct use of the Medismart container with an Access Plus cart to ensure safe medical waste disposal in use. 

Regulated Medical Waste Only

What should be disposed of in a Daniels Medismart medical waste container? Find out here in this very simple but easy-to-follow instructional poster. 


How to Use Rx Destroyer

The correct use of RX Destroyer ensures the protection of your staff in safe handling and denaturing of pharmaceutical waste. This simply 4-step poster outlines the process of using RX Destroyer in conjunction with the Daniels 64 Pharmasmart pharmaceutical waste container. 


Sharpsmart - Correct Sharps Disposal

Sharpsmart Collectors are not Disposable

Sharpsmart - Safe Sharps Disposal

Red and Black Bag Waste

Red bags and black bags should never be placed in the same medical waste bin, correct segregation is essential to achieving compliance and sustainability requirements. This simple poster clearly instructs on the correct segregation of bagged medical waste. 


Waste Segregation Matrix


What Is Medical Waste? Poster

What is, and what is not regulated medical waste? Find out here in this simple illustrative educational medical waste poster


PR Study: Sharpsmart Impact on Sharps Injuries