When we first set out to create a ‘safe’ sharps disposal container, little did we know the journey we were about to embark upon. What we would learn over ten years of clinical trials and research, extensive design R&D, microbiological testing, and movement mapping, was that the solution to safety and risk prevention in sharps disposal was not solely “a container”--it was so much bigger than that.



The Daniels Medismart system introduces a new standard of safe medical waste management.

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Daniels Robotic Washline Technology

Daniels reusable sharps containers are emptied and sanitized at Daniels' clean processing facilities using its Washsmart system, a fully automated, robotic system used for decanting, washing, sanitizing and drying the containers. Our Washsmart system provides highly effective washing and sanitizing of all Sharpsmart containers. 

The Daniels Difference

Medical Waste Management cost efficiencies are derived from the successful deployment of five key elements.

At Daniels Health we work closely with our customers to ensure that all healthcare staff are protected, trained and equipped, that the facilities’ risk profile is managed, and that costs associated with the handling of medical waste are minimized.

Here’s why.

Daniels has always chosen a path of improvement over convention. Our uniquely designed and engineered medical waste products and systems have benchmarked safer healthcare standards globally, and our definition of quality and value has always been judged against the yardstick of the lives we can save.

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Daniels has the largest number of Group Purchasing Organization affiliations of any biomedical waste company in the United States.


Our Story 

The story of Daniels Health is not your typical narrative of a company starting out to make something quicker, easier or more economical, or a capitalist journey to commercial success; it started with a very earnest quest by an entrepreneurial engineer to reduce incidents of sharps injuries from medical waste handling in healthcare.

Daniels Environmental Impact in the USA

Since 2003, Daniels reusable sharps containers have resulted in...