Daniels Transporter
Dock Storage  

Versatile container storage that optimizes hospital 
dock space, streamlines container movement, 
and reduces cross-contamination risk

At Daniels, we don’t look at a specific area or service function of a hospital in isolation, we look at how waste impacts efficiency, safety, labor and cross-contamination across every aspect of its journey through a hospital or patient care facility. How many times a waste bag or container is touched increases infection control risk, and how much space a waste container takes up in a storage room or loading dock inhibits movement and increases risk in storage overflow.

Daniels Transporters have been designed to deliver not only compact dust-free multi-stackable storage of sharps and medical waste containers, but also the reduction of manual labor in seamless container movement continuity between clinical areas and offsite transportation. Designed with mobility in mind, Daniels Transporters can be positioned for optimum access and utilized for the storage of both clean containers (eliminating space burden on utility rooms), and full containers staged for transport. The secure housing of the transporter design keeps containers dust and contaminant free, and the elevated rail-lock design of the transporter interior ensures containers are protected from scuffing and scratching. Daniels transporters are designed for double, triple and quadruple vertical and horizontal stacking efficiency, maximizing storage footprint.




Features and Benefits


Multi-stacking design minimizes floorspace and optimizes available dock space for efficient storage and movement


Lockable Interior housing and purpose-designed suspender rails keep containers secured upright without risk of ground contamination


Upright fixed mounting of containers on custom railing system within transporter eliminates spillage and liquid leakage risk   


Daniels Transporters enable clear segregation of clean vs full sharps and medical waste containers at a dock level; enabling efficient stock management 


Sliding rails interlock into the container recess ensuring 100% stability and zero scuffing, jarring or scratching of other containers 


The stacking of soiled containers directly into a Daniels transporter eliminates double-handling with no unpacking or repacking required for transport

Optimizing Storage and Movement

Within the hospital environment, the positioning and access needs of sharps collectors vary from ward to ward; from dialysis to critical care, from surgery to cardiology, from clinical to a hospitals' loading dock, our interchangeable accessories cater for seamless risk-free movement across an entire facility. With an intelligent suite of accessories that enable point of use mobility, and seamless maneuverability of single or bulk containers between clinical wards and loading docks, no system in the world achieves the same labor, time and safety efficiencies in a hospital environment.

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Are Transporters right for your facility? 


Daniels Transporters are available in three sizes with versatility to accomodate all Daniels container sizes in multiple stacking configurations. If you are interested in implementing Daniels Transporters into your facility, view our product specifications below or reach out to one of our expert team so they can provide a detailed proposal on how Daniels Transporters could optimize storage and waste container movement within your hospital loading dock.