Lid Openings

Daniels containers feature two unique lid openings that compliment all types of healthcare environments in both the protection of patients and healthcare workers, and driving waste disposal efficiencies in fast-paced clinical settings. 

The Daniels Medismart system introduces a new cleanliness-driven standard of medical waste disposal

The Daniels Pharmasmart system introduces a new modern standard of secure pharmaceutical waste disposal

Daniels Transporter
Dock Storage  

Versatile container storage that optimizes hospital 
dock space, streamlines container movement, 
and reduces cross-contamination risk

The Daniels Sharpsmart system introduces a new modern standard of Sharps waste management.

The Daniels Chemosmart system introduces a new modern standard of Trace Chemotherapy waste management.

Wallsmart Mounting

Versatile container mounting that optimizes space
and reduces cross-contamination risk

To achieve positive adoption of a new product or service, one of the most critical components for both the customer and vendor is a successful partnership during the deployment and implementation phase. Working with thousands of public and private healthcare facilities around the world, our implementation approach is dedicated to facility-specific planning, clear communications and education facilitation, and the establishing of mutually agreed KPI’s and timelines to ensure our definitions of success are aligned and the rollout of a new program poses minimal impact to patient care.  

We start with you.


No two healthcare facilities are the same, but all share a fundamental objective – to deliver the best patient outcome possible through a safe clinical approach that is environmentally friendly. This is where we start…  Challenges that have been commonly associated with healthcare waste management include:  

Where will a career with
Daniels take you? 

At Daniels we have a strong vision that drives us every day. Whether this is preventing needlestick injuries and quite literally saving the lives of healthcare practitioners, or whether it is creating a platform that will facilitate our team to grow and find strength, courage and fulfillment in their careers; we are passionate about empowerment.