Local, Cost-Effective Waste Disposal


We establish waste collection service frequencies that match the waste streams and waste volumes your facility is generating, ensuring you're only paying for what you need. 


As a national company with locally based service teams, we will not sub-contract out your waste. It's our trucks, our facilities, our treatment. We don't put your compliance at risk. 


We are a leading healthcare waste expert managing biohazardous wate, pathological waste, sharps, non-hazardous + hazardous pharmaceuticals, and chemotherapy waste. 


Our sharps containers and medical waste bins are designed by clinicians for clinicians; engineered for safety, robotically washed and sanitized for optimum infection control, designed for healthcare 


Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Sterling Heights


A suburban city situated 25 miles north of Detroit, known as the safest city in all of Michigan, Sterling Heights is a pleasantly pleasing place with the mission “to strive on behalf of all.” Once known as “Jefferson Township” and “Sterling Township,” this 1950s agricultural hub is now the 4th largest city in the state and an amazing place to do business. 


Sterling Heights marches to the beat of its own drum. Our team appreciates the liveliness of the Sterlingfest Arts and Music Fair held every August. We love mingling with hundreds of thousands of people for three days right in Dodge Park over live jazz and blues music, engaging art activities, and scrumptious local dishes. Speaking of local dishes, we enjoy heading down to Ike’s Restaurant for a taste of their palatable Middle Eastern cuisine. With their healthy options and relaxed ambiance, how can we say no to their homeliness and hummus?

Sterling Heights also offers a taste of magnificent healthcare. We applaud the hard-working medical staff of Sterling Medical Center. Their patients’ stories are filled with awe-inspiring thank yous and sentiments of gratitude. One patient wrote in a heartfelt passage: “My son has anxiety so bad he would live in his room. For 5 years we have been trying to get someone to write the right medicine. Because of the medicine Dr. Ali gave him, I can say my son will never have another seizure in his life… The best doctor on the planet.” These clinicians are restoring lives. There is a reason why this healthcare facility impressively ranks 4.8 out of 5 stars!

As the healthcare professionals of Sterling Heights effortlessly provide exquisite healthcare to patients in need, we provide healthcare waste management services in the same professional, reliable fashion.


Sterling Heights Healthcare Waste Management with a difference.


Here at Daniels Health, our history consists of over 30 years of providing customized and reliable healthcare waste management services. We are thrilled to offer our clinical expertise to Sterling Heights medical facilities. Our customer-centric and fluid approach allows us to deliver results for each facility’s own set of unique needs and challenges rather than pre-made solutions. We expertly serve each medical facility with our well-trained fleet of professional drivers. With our nearby plant less than an hour away in Westland, we can ensure a reliable and personalized experience.

Our interest is not in waste brokerage – instead, we choose a hand-on approach that prioritizes clinical safety and cost-effective medical waste management. We focus on identifying the design of the optimum flow of waste, perfecting the path from the point of generation to the point of processing.

Through our network of 22 facilities throughout the U.S., we opt to focus our energy on the proper management of all healthcare waste services, including:

  • Chemotherapy waste
  • Medical waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste & Controlled Substances
  • Sharps disposal
  • Hazardous waste

Daniels Health is the compliance expert trusted by Michigan healthcare facilities. Give us the opportunity to rid your facility or infection and lower your operation costs. Sterling Heights medical professionals deserve to experience Daniels Health medical waste disposal services.



Medical Waste Disposal for all-sized patient care facilities in Sterling Heights


Here's what a partnership with a curated medical waste management plan entails:

  • By pinpointing biohazardous waste flow, potential hazardous roadblocks, and causes of safety prevention, we lower your costs with ease.   
  • Lowered costs and reduced labor using bagless & reusable containment systems, customized services, and solutions delivered with a logistical approach.
  • Our sharps containers have saved over 20,000 healthcare workers from needlestick injuries to date.
  • Each reusable biohazard sharps container is emptied and thoroughly sanitized using our technologically advanced Washsmart system, a fully automatic and cutting-edge robotic cleaning technique.


At Daniels Health, we use the best resources available to keep your healthcare establishment neat, clean, and infection-free. We continuously strive to deliver deeply sanitized bins, exemplary hand-hygiene, and increased infection control.

Globally, according to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, 5.2 million people die annually due to medical waste related diseases. For this reason, we respect the importance of providing educational resources and training to increase infection control standards at your facility. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) oversees medical waste management regulations. As a requirement, even small quantity generators of medical waste must register as a medical waste producing facility. This may be confusing, making the value of a trusted waste management partner priceless.

Regulatory and educational guideline assistance is readily available, as well as detailed reports for each medical waste pickup. The number of serviced containers, along with the amounts and types of waste disposed, and Certificates of Destruction are made readily available. With over 10 years of rendering trustworthy services to the state of Michigan, we aim to successfully continue our legacy. Click here to browse our selection or click below to review testimonials from our customers. 




We service locally.


Local service is the foundation for our high standards of customer excellence. Our clean processing facility in Westland is just a short 45-minute drive from Sterling Heights, which means that our promise for reliable and timely pick-ups is easy to uphold. We have a team of operational experts and drivers that have clear routes mapped out and understand local regulations that are unique to Michigan healthcare facilities. For more information about how we can handle your medical waste locally, and follow state regulations, visit our Michigan services page here.


Featured Product.


Healthcare clinicians today deserve flexible and innovative solutions that meet their daily needs. Long gone are the days of bags and disposable boxes. When designing the Sharpsmart container, we wanted to create something that made safe and compliant disposal of sharps as easy as possible. Our sharps container comes with over 13 inbuilt unique safety features and is entirely reusable. It’s a user-friendly & sustainable solution that simply makes sense. The future is here and it is bringing the Daniels Sharpsmart system to your Michigan healthcare facility. Contact one of our consultants  to learn how you can cut costs and increase infection control today.