The Pharmasmart system dramatically reduces pharmaceutical waste disposal costs by re-classifying non-hazardous waste.


Improperly disposed pharmaceutical waste poses a threat to staff, patients, and our environment. The Pharmasmart is America’s leading non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste container designed with inbuilt permanent security locks, manufactured with anti-shatter material, and locking wall brackets that prevent unauthorized removal or retrieval of substances.   

In many healthcare facilities, all pharmaceutical waste is disposed of as RCRA hazardous - the most expensive waste disposal method of all healthcare waste streams. Additionally, rarely are RCRA containers designed with clinically-appropriate safety or security mechanisms, putting the facility at risk of unauthorized drug-retrieval. 


The Daniels Pharmasmart provides healthcare facilities with not only heightened drug safety and security protocols, but significant opportunities for cost savings. Here's how :

  1. Less than 90% of all pharmaceutical waste is non-hazardous
  2. The RCRA hazardous waste stream costs a minimum 100% more to dispose of than non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste
  3. Non-Hazardous pharmaceutical waste can be compliantly treated through a normal medical waste incinerator, RCRA Hazardous waste must be treated at a premium through a licensed hazardous waste incinerator
  4.  As all RCRA Hazardous containers are disposable, each container fill incurs a disposal cost for the container plastic, plus avoidable landfill burden.
  5. By diverting 90% of waste from RCRA black bins into reusable Pharmasmart containers, significant cost savings will be realized


Non-compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal can result in hefty fines through non-compliance and public relations crisis. Our clinically-engineered safety containers, together with bespoke education, training, waste audits, and reporting all collectively drive best practice pharmaceutical waste management compliance. Learn here how we lowered one hospital's pharmaceutical waste management costs by 50% in just 8 months! By making the switch to reusable non-hazardous waste containers, you will improve your safety, drug security, environmental outcomes… and cost!




  • Eliminate purchasing, storage and landfill costs associated with single-use containers for the capture of non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste
  • Protect staff and patients in eliminating risk of medication diversion and abuse. Dual locking mechanisms and secure key-locked wall brackets prevent against unauthorized container removal
  • Reduce your facility's carbon footprint. For every 3-gallon Daniels Pharmasmart container used, you save 788 containers from being manufactured and landfilled






Reduce your Costs

Adopting a hazardous vs non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste program can save your facility thousands of dollars each year.

In many hospitals and healthcare facilities across America, between 50% to 90% of the “black bin” waste being generated is actually non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, and yet it’s being disposed into a hazardous waste bin! 

Over-classification of pharmaceutical waste significantly impacts:

1. Increases of more than 200% in waste disposal costs
2. Increased environmental burden with one vs two waste streams
3. Unauthorized retrieval with the use of non-tamperproof containers

The Daniels Pharmasmart protects users not only in risk-free medication disposal, but also
eliminates "touch" and unauthorized container retrieval; safety features include: 


Daniels’ accessories facilitate hands-free disposal; the containers' no-touch design and robotic washing sanitization process eliminates contamination risk.  


Key-secured locking brackets secure Pharmasmart containers to a wall, eliminating risk of tampering, unauthorized removal or access to pharmaceutical contents 


The inbuilt safety tray installed in Pharmasmart containers eliminates hand-access to pharmaceutical contents and protects against container overfill and injury risk


The Pharmasmart is designed with temporary and permanent locks and a hand-restricting opening to eliminate container tampering or retrieval of contents

We place Safety First.

Founded as a safety innovation company, our touchless containers and risk-minimizing innovation has radically shaped hospital waste management across some of the world's leading healthcare brands. Led by science with products designed in partnership with clinicians - Daniels containers lead the world in best practice waste containment.