Secure Pharmaceutical Disposal

Creating a new normal that respects the gravity of mismanaged pharma waste.

Daniels Health transforms your pharmaceutical waste management strategy with containers built to lower your risk.


Healthcare facilities that generate pharmaceutical waste, both hazardous and non, exercise a reasonable abundance of caution during disposal. However, we have seen this well-intentioned caution lead to the misappropriation of pharma waste - resulting in improper waste segregation that can not only raise your disposal costs but impact the environment. Daniels Health provides a simplified and secure approach to pharma waste management. Our team of clinical experts are here to advise you and provide:

  • Clarity on what category of pharmaceutical wastes you are generating, through formulary analysis
  • Security during disposal and transport with our tamperproof Pharmasmart container 
  • Education on proper waste segregation, increasing your staff's safety and lowering total disposal costs

We understand the weight of your responsibility to have a compliant pharmaceutical disposal program - our team will support you with a modern approach.



A New Era of Safety

The future of pharmaceutical waste disposal is in containers that are built to protect clinicians, patients, and the environment. The Daniels' Pharmasmart container is a completely tamperproof solution to the need for secure disposal of pharma waste. Designed to enable hands-free disposal, this container has 20+ inbuilt safety features and prevents pharmaceutical theft of expired or partially used medications. 



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To explore how our approach to pharmaceutical waste management impacts healthcare workers by role, click here. OR... if you're ready to discuss how Daniels Health can level up the security of your pharma program and increase your peace of mind, schedule a chat with one of our clinical experts. We would love to understand your current strategy and what safety goals you'd like to meet.