Trace Chemotherapy
& USP 800 Waste

Hands-free disposal methods that reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Daniels Health offers the world's first reusable trace chemotherapy waste container - a preferred solution by oncology units.

Reduction of risk is crucial to the efficacy of any healthcare system's cytotoxic waste disposal plan. To support you in protecting both clinical staff and patients from this hazardous waste, Daniels Health offers an innovative solution in the form of bagless, hands-free chemotherapy waste containment. All Daniels oncology products and solutions are designed to minimize infection transfer risk, ensure user safety, and maximize handling and movement efficiencies. We elevate your safety through:

  • Secure, tamperproof waste containment for trace and bulk chemotherapy waste
  • Point-of-use segregation of sharps and PPE USP <800> waste disposal using the combination of our CT22 + CT64 containers
  • Eliminating disposable containers, dramatically reducing overall cost, landfill burden and environmental impact

Healthcare is trending towards a more sustainable future that prioritizes solutions that minimize infection risk - set new standard for safe trace chemotherapy and USP <800> waste disposal with Daniels Health.


Reduce Cross-Contamination

Raising safety and sustainability benchmarks is easy when you implement the bagless and reusable Chemosmart trace chemotherapy waste container. This bold yellow solution protects your clinical staff from unnecessary touches during waste disposal with completely hands-free use and a wide aperture. Built with impenetrable plastic and a leakproof seal, you'll immediately notice the positive impact the Chemosmart has on your staff's waste disposal responsibilities.



Explore A Change

Are you ready to embrace a new normal in chemotherapy waste efficiency? Find out more about our transformative solutions.

Explore Safer Chemotherapy Waste Management.

Our unique approach to chemotherapy waste management benefits many roles within the healthcare space, explore the benefits by role here

OR if you're ready to experience the difference the Chemosmart can make on your safety, costs, labor, and efficiencies - schedule time to chat with one of our clinical experts today. Our team is dedicated to understanding your current strategy and helping you solve any existing challenges, all while setting goals for your future.