Waste Reduction After Introducing Reusables


Authors:   Grimmond T, Bylund S, Fink R, Anglea C, Beeke L, Callahan A, Christiansen E, Flewelling K, McIntosh K, Richter K, Vitale M

Presentation:   St Vincents 15th Annual Research Symposium, June 10, 2009, Indianapolis, IN



What was the presentation?

This 11 hospital study addressed the increase in plastic disposable sharps containers and examined the benefits of using larger, reusable sharps containers. The hospitals began using Sharpsmart sharps containers and data was compiled to determine the effect on number of sharps containers used, total weight of plastic from sharps containers discarded, and excess cardboard waste.


What did we learn?

Outcomes from switching to the Sharpsmart sharps containers include:

  • Plastic sharps containers accounted for 27% of the total sharps waste stream weight
  • Introduction of the reusable sharps containers reduced tons discarded by 28%
  • A 32% reduction in the number of sharps containers exchanged
  • Decreased workload for staff

The Sharpsmart sharps containers significantly reduced the sharps waste stream; decreased staff workloads, and contributed to Ascension Health's waste reduction strategies."



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