Written by Megan Chamberlain
20 May 2021

Team Spotlight: Mackenzie Organ

The recipient of our latest Team Spotlight is, Talent Advisor Lead for Operations, Mackenzie Organ - or as her team adoringly calls her, MACKATTACK. Mackenzie has been integral in connecting talented individuals with our open operation roles. Her tenacity and perseverance to find the right people for the right roles have helped us fill the bench to the mark we're at today. But... we are still growing! Continue reading to learn more about Mackenzie's journey and our People and Culture team. Or, if you're eager to explore opportunities at Daniels Health:


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1 / How Mackenzie started at Daniels and how her role has transformed

2 / Why does Daniels call it “people and culture” instead of HR

3 / What values of Daniels does Mackenzie feel strongly about

4 / How have the goals of P&C evolved since Mack started? What are they focused on for the future

5 / A quick summary of what our normal hiring process is like

6 / What does Mackenzie look for most when interviewing someone for Daniels Health

7 / What are some red flags for Mack, in general, during an interview or screening call


1 / Can you tell me a bit about when you started at Daniels and how your role has transformed?


I started with Daniels as a P&C Intern helping with admin work on for recruitment and HR. I was able to start recruiting on a couple volume roles and absolutely loved it! I quickly learned our processes, the profiles that succeed and even made a couple hires! At the end of my internship I was brought on to be a full time operations recruiter and really thrived in the role.

After a couple months I was able to start learning more about the upper levels of operations and now my focus has moved to customer service, plant supervisor, and field service management roles. Being able to learn the roles the supervisors are overseeing gave me more perspective of what the leaders are doing day to day. My growth with Daniels doesn’t stop there since I’ve recently taken on leading our operations recruitment team! I love the growth opportunity Daniels has offered me over the last 2 years.  



2 / Why do we call it “people and culture” instead of HR?


We call it People and Culture – P&C for short – because it’s not a cookie-cutter Human Resources team. We are progressively non-traditional in our roles as well as our process for finding the right fit. Compliance and legality are really important to us but we’re heavily focused on the aspect of employee engagement. We want to make sure people are happy with our work culture and we are always looking for ways to improve that.



3 / What values of Daniels do you feel strongly about?


  • Invest – I have seen this time and time again in Daniels in just my 2 years with the company and have felt them invest in my own work
  • Authenticity – the company and the people are very authentic making it a great place to learn
  • Pioneer – new processes which is something we even ask about to all current candidates



4 / How have the goals of P&C evolved since you started? What are they focused on for the future?


When I started P&C was focused on helping build out the operation and field service team with strong employees to ensure our customers were happy. We have added many managers and support staff across the US and have been able to see our leaders thrive in their positions. With all these changes we are now working on process improvements and new projects where we didn’t have the bandwidth to do this before! 



5 / Can you give me a quick summary of what our normal hiring process is like?


  • P&C Review 
  • Online Assessment
  • Hiring Manager & P&C Interview
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews & team meet & greets



6 / What do you look for most when interviewing someone for Daniels Health?


I always look for candidates that have job stability and can talk about the growth they have experienced in their jobs. Growth doesn’t always mean promotions or job title changes, but how have you been able to take on more responsibility in the current role. Also you can tell a candidate’s overall excitement about our conversation we are having! 



7 / What are some red flags for you, in general, with an interview or screening call?


Answering questions with one word or seeming like they are rushed for time. Always make sure you are in a good spot to have a conversation and you are focused on that conversation! Remember even a phone call is an interview.



And there you have it - and inside look into not only Daniels Health but Mackenzie's journey within the People and Culture team. If you're excited about the endless potential of a career within or organization, explore our open roles and connect with our People and Culture team yourself!


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