Written by Megan Chamberlain
31 Oct 2018

Preventing the Preventable

What do zombies and sharps injuries have in common?  Well, for starters, both are just inherently bad and something humans want to avoid at all costs.


While we promote our educational yet fun comic every year around Halloween - the danger of sharps injuries haunt healthcare throughout the year. There is no scientific proof that zombies and sharps injuries are related, but there's also no evidence to show that they aren't. Much like a zombie outbreak, a sharps-injury will wreak severe emotional and physical damage on its victims. If you think of most movies or television series that feature the undead, there are always victims that do not report that they have been bitten or scratched by a zombie. This fear of the unknown and isolation happens in healthcare when sharps injuries go unreported. All clinicians are trained to report sharps injuries, but the emotional turmoil of potentially contracting an illness or the hesitation of being reprimanded by superiors stops them from speaking up. Daniels Health is here to make sure that all healthcare facilities have the most innovative and secure healthcare waste disposal containers possible. In our ideal world, there would be no more sharps injuries... or zombies. 




It's not okay

Better insight into how deeply personal sharps-injuries are can be, please read our interview with Karen DaleyKaren is a former president of the American Nurses Association and needle stick injury survivor.  Through her powerful testimony, she provides a recount of how her life was forever changed from a sharps-injury at the height of her young career.  Following her injury, she had to learn how to continue life with a new challenge: HIV and Hepatitis C.  Karen persevered and is now an avid champion for safety of healthcare workers and patients when it comes to sharps-related injuries.  She has interviewed many clinicians who have often been ignored or even told that they injury was their own fault.

In some ways, Karen Daley is a zombie fighter.  She protects the innocent and uses her voice to bring awareness to one of the silent-but-deadly workplace injuries in healthcare. 

For more information on sharps injuries and what legislature has been passed to protect clinicians thus far, please see our blog around the history of sharps injuries.  This piece in our knowledge center covers everything from when there were no safety precautions or legal protection in place for clinicans to the safety engineered devices that are required and encouraged now.  Even though there have been great strides towards increased safety, today it is estimated that over 300,000 needlestick injuries still occur in the United States.  Help us get that number to zero.



Daniels Health has had one mission since we began over 30 years ago - to reduce the risk of sharps-related injuries to healthcare workers. This motive further evolved to include being an advocate for continued education in healthcare, innovative safety solutions, and environmental sustainability.  Our founder, Dan Daniels, saw the drastic, negative emotional and physical impact that sharps injuries had on clinicians and set out to make a marked difference. We hope that Daniels Health can be a haven for all those in the medical community; whether it be for innovative products, educational resources, or simple safety solutions. Together, we can all increase safety in healthcare spaces and prevent the preventable.


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