Sharpsmart: Impact on Needlestick Injuries


Authors:   Grimmond T, Rings T, Taylor C, Creech R, Kampen R, Kable W, Mead P, Mackie P, Pandur R 

Publication:   Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 54, Issue 3, July 2003 : Pages 232-238 



What was the study? 

This Before-After intervention study ‘Sharps Injury Reduction Using Sharpsmart - A Reusable Sharps Container System’ involved 8 acute care hospitals ranging in size from 150 to 850 beds in Australia, New Zealand and Scotland. The study was carried out to determine the effect on Needlestick Injuries following the introduction of the Daniels Sharpsmart reusable sharps containers.


What were the results 

When compared to 10 alternate sharps container brands, the Daniels Sharpsmart sharps containers proved significant reductions in SI:

  • Total Sharps Injuries reduced by 32.6%
  • Container Related Sharps Injuries reduced by 86.6%
  • Non Container Related Sharps Injuries reduced by 25.7%

The use of the Daniels Sharpsmart sharps containers resulted in a significant reduction in Total Sharps Injuries, Non-Container Related Sharps Injuries and Container Related Sharps Injuries in the acute care hospitals studied. This is the first time in world literature that a sharps containment system has brought about such Sharps Injury reductions in all three parameters. It is postulated that the Sharpsmart system’s advanced safety features, high profile, multiple mounting options, correct placement, and institution-wide education brought about behavioral change through an ecosystemic effect. The Sharpsmart sharps management system offers a cost-effective means of significantly reducing Needlestick Injuries.”



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