Written by Laura Wakelam
10 Mar 2022

How to Adopt Sustainable Waste Management Practices without Breaking the Bank

Healthcare facilities have historically viewed sustainability as a desirable add-on, but not always an essential pillar in their organizational culture. There are many reasons for this, including the misperception that sustainability comes with sacrifice. Daniels Health provides a sustainable waste management solution that does not put cost, safety, or operational performance at risk.  

Sustainability can fit into your current healthcare waste management plan without causing disruptions to patient care, budgets, and labor efficiencies.  



1 / The cost of adopting sustainable waste management practices

2 / Infection control & safety with reusable measures

3 / Operational complements with the correct partner 

4 / Investing in sustainability is worth it 

The cost of adopting sustainable waste management practices 


The number one misperception about sustainability is that it is too costly to implement properly. But the reality is that, with the right partner, switching to sustainable reusable containers can result in waste management cost savings with long-term incentives. We provide expertise within each facility we work with to highlight how reusability can drive down costs. 

How does that work? The key to implementing a sustainable program while reducing costs is in proper waste segregation training to avoid expensive mis-categorization of waste. The introduction of reusable containers enables this training program because they are clinically designed to support a segregated disposal system.  

We partner with facilities to ensure they achieve effective medical waste segregation. We train clinical and non-clinical staff, provide e-learning courses and educational resources, and empower cognitive behavioral change in the safe disposal and correct segregation of all healthcare waste streams, which assists in reducing waste production.  

Infection control & safety with reusable containers 

There are valid concerns for adopting reusable containment systems within healthcare, particularly around the ability to ensure they are properly decontaminated between uses. However, reusable containers can actually be more hygienic than their single-use counterparts. Our reusable containers are emptied and sanitized at processing facilities that use a fully automated, robotic system for decanting, washing, sanitizing, and drying containers. This system has been extensively researched, tested, and independently verified as achieving a level of sanitization four-times higher than required by the CDC in the United States.  

In addition to enabling reusability, our decontamination processes follow sustainable practices by:  

  • Increasing water recycling from 60% to 80%  
  • Using environmentally friendly detergents efficiently dosed through a controlled system 
  • Decreasing additives usage through more efficient metering pumps and misting delivery  
  • Reducing energy in hot water production through the use of plate heat exchangers 

Operational complements with the correct partner 

We understand that changing waste vendors can create operational challenges. Some facilities may even think it is convenient to remain with the same partner. Many stresses revolve around installing processes, labor inefficiencies, or patient interruptions. We work closely with your teams to create a successful deployment and implementation phase. 

From strategy, site assessments, and ward walks to install and service scheduling, Daniels Health works closely to optimize your waste management. It doesn’t stop with the install – our operational alignment continues throughout our partnership to ensure there is ongoing support and strategic planning that includes regular reports to keep visibility and prompt changes necessary to optimize efficiencies and costs.  

How can you quantify your efforts? It can be difficult to do this without hard data. Daniels provides you with facts and analysis that can be used for ESG reporting, (e.g., how many containers your facility has diverted from landfill). With hard evidence, it is easier to make your case for sustainability and drive green initiatives within your organization. 

Investing in sustainability is worth it 

Sustainability has been an integral part of our vision and core practices of medical waste management since the start, so we can help you reach your sustainability goals without sacrifice.  

Our commitment to sustainability has echoed throughout the healthcare industry. With a 99% reduction in container manufacture through reusability, we have diverted 71,398,668 pounds of plastic from landfills over the last 20 years. 

Our partnership ensures that your staff are trained, kept in compliance, and mentored through new innovations to help your organization to better achieve your long-term goals. Don’t sacrifice the health of the environment for “convenience.”




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