Written by Benjamin Mandel
07 Sep 2021

Daniels Health to Sponsor AOHP EXPO-S.T.O.P.

Daniels Health is proud to announce our exclusive sponsorship of the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare’s (AOHP) EXPO-S.T.O.P. (EXPOsure Survey of Trends in Occupational Practice.)

This annually conducted survey examines sharps incidence rates in the United States. The data gathered is analyzed and published to provide insights on national exposure rates and trends to enable benchmarking and evidence-based decisions for their exposure-reduction. This perfectly aligns with our organization’s founding mission to reduce the risk of sharps injuries among clinicians and patients in a healthcare setting. With this survey information, Daniels Health and healthcare facilities across the US can better see where safety solutions regarding sharps disposal need to improve.

We are proud to partner with the AOHP, whose vision is to be the authoritative resource and leading advocate for occupational health and safety in healthcare. Their core values are the health, safety, and well-being of healthcare workers. They continue to be the top promoters for occupational health education, safety advancements through best practice research, and more.

Daniels Health will sponsor the AOHP EXPO-S.T.O.P initially for the 2021, 2022, and 2023 survey years. 

To read the full press release about our sponsorship, click below:


Daniels Health Sponsors AOHP EXPO-S.T.O.P.


Additionally, the survey is now live on the AOHP website, and you can click here to particpate! Please note that due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, we are asking for data from both the 2019 and 2020 calendar years. This data continuity is critical for tracking longterm insights and trends. 

We hope all our partners in healthcare will participate - advocacy for safer sharps solutions begins with you.


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