Daniels Delivery Cart  
Bulk Container Movement 

Bulk container movement that optimizes 
hospital space, drives labor efficiencies,

and reduces infection control risk

In implementing an effective waste management system within a hospital, space and movement of waste flow is an equally important consideration as the waste containers themselves. To effectively manage infection control risk, it is essential that containers never touch the ground, and with space at a premium, the ability to maneuver multiple sharps, pharmaceutical and medical waste containers at once minimizes dependency on shared access elevators and patient areas.


Daniels internal delivery carts facilitate the seamless movement of multiple size and types of waste collectors throughout a hospital environment. Designed to easily maneuver through hospital corridors without heavily impeding on public space, Daniels delivery carts provide a functional solution for the transfer of clean or dirty containers between a hospital’s loading dock and soiled utility rooms or patient-access areas. Compatible with all sized Daniels containers, rubber coated hooks slot into the recessed sides of a Daniels sharps container and secure it in place. The cart is engineered with rubber buffers and brakers to minimize noise and enhance mobility in busy hospital environments.




Features and Benefits


Multi-stacking container design minimizes space burden on patient-access areas, elevators and a hospital's loading dock 


Multi-side cart panels with inbuilt rubber-coated pegs keep containers secured upright without risk of ground contamination


Upright fixed mounting of containers eliminates spillage and liquid leakage risk   


The dual-sided design of the delivery cart enables easy segregation of clean vs full sharps and medical waste containers for efficient container exchange


Purpose designed hooks interlock into the side of the container recess ensuring 100% stability 


Fixed mounting enables easy transition of clean and dirty containers and reduces multi-handling container movement

Keeping Waste Moving

Within the hospital environment, the positioning and access needs of sharps and medical waste containers vary from ward to ward; from dialysis to critical care, from surgery to cardiology, from clinical to a hospitals' loading dock, our interchangeable accessories cater for seamless risk-free movement across an entire facility. With an intelligent suite of mounting brackets, stands carts that enable point of use mobility, and maneuverability of single or bulk containers in tight spaces, no system in the world achieves the same labor, time, infection-control and safety efficiencies in a hospital environment.

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Are Internal Delivery Carts right for your facility? 


Daniels’ Internal Delivery Carts are available in four sizes to suit both our S14, S22 and S32 type containers (standard small and large designs), as well as our S64 containers. If you are interested in implementing an internal delivery cart at your facility, view our product specifications below or reach out to one of our expert team so they can provide a detailed proposal on how the Internal Delivery Carts could optimize waste container movement within your hospital.