Connecticut Medical and Sharps Waste Disposal

Daniels Health offers a clinical approach to healthcare waste management that lowers total costs and risk.

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Total Healthcare Waste Management

As a full-service partner with offer containment and disposal solutions for:

  • Regulated Medical Waste
  • Sharps Waste
  • Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Pathological Waste
  • Trace Chemotherapy Waste

Connecticut healthcare's choice for biohazardous waste management 

A modern aproach rooted in clinical safety. 


In an era where infection control measures must be prioritized in decision making, Daniels Health offers a solution to the hazards of traditional healthcare waste management. We understand and have studied, how hands-free disposal of healthcare waste impacts not only the safety of staff and patients but also labor, efficiencies, and total costs. Allow us to implement a more modern and intuitive system that reduces all unnecessary touches during the waste disposal process. Our innovative solutions enable Connecticut healthcare to: 

  • Remove any stress associated with waste management, we take care of it all
  • Consolidate your waste streams to one provider
  • Improve healthcare waste segregation through our color-coded containers
  • Drive educational programs that build your staff's safety
  • Focus your time where it's needed, your patients
  • Feel confident with clear, transparent pricing
  • Maximize safety by optimizing container placement throughout the facility
  • Remove cross-contamination risk with robotically-sanitized containers


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How we partner with Iowa healthcare

Our local Connecticut Team. 

Your local team has a handful of northeast clean processing and treatment plants, including a transfer station in Hartford! The Northeast Daniels team has been providing a safer alternative to traditional healthcare waste management since the early 2000s. This talented group of folks take pride in every aspect of your customer journey. They begin with an initial delivery of your clinically-designed healthcare waste containers, provide your service calendar, and assist you with any onboarding education. With your service frequency being optimized, once your containers have reached fill capacity, your friendly Daniels' driver will retrieve them and leave you with empty sanitized units. The Daniels northeast team supports you by:

  • Facilitating all waste pickups and scheduling
  • Acting as your go-to resource for any questions
  • Offering expert advice on how to remain compliant with your state regulations

Brands we partner with

We are proud to have been chosen by over 8,200 US facilities as vendor of choice for healthcare waste services, including our very first customer that we signed 22 years ago! Here are some of the brands we protect