Medical Waste Services

Looking for a single vendor 
to handle all medical waste streams? 
With clinical experience? 

Look no further.


With over 16 years of experience in the management of medical waste across North America, Daniels Health is an industry expert in the regulatory compliance and governance of transporting, housing, and treating medical waste. Boasting the second largest service infrastructure for healthcare waste collection and treatment in the United States, Daniels is strongly positioned to support national partners. If you are looking for a credible and trustworthy company that will minimize your exposure risk, consider Daniels Health for a safe and sustainable waste processing partnership. 



We understand what drives you 

As experienced operators in transport and scheduling, we understand your world. Our services are designed to optimize handling and treatment efficiencies, ensure the shortest turnaround time from drop-off to re-load, and provide peace of mind that all paperwork is validated and compliant. Specializing in healthcare, Daniels Health is licensed and certified to transport sharps waste, regulated medical waste, non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste and trace chemotherapy waste. In addition, through our extensive relationship networks across the United States, Daniels can also facilitate hazardous waste management services, all centralized through a single-vendor partnership.  



As your partner, we ensure the following:


Daniels boasts state of the art autoclaves with intelligent on-site processes that minimize risk and water useage. Daniels stands by sustainable treatment technologies that reduce landfill and minimize CO2 burden. 


Our communication with your staff and drivers is clear and transparent. We treat your business like our business. 


At our facilities, your trucks are processed as quickly as possible with timely scheduling and manifest sign-off. 


We multiply your efficiency by handling, washing, bag-lining and replacing bins and containers


We offer bags, cardboard boxes, containers and other consumables necessary for you to attain optimum service levels for your customers. 


Competitive pricing driven by our national infrastructure, critical market mass, nich wastestream focus, economies of scale and operational efficiencies.