Local, Cost-Effective Waste Disposal


We establish waste collection service frequencies that match the waste streams and waste volumes your facility is generating, ensuring you're only paying for what you need. 


As a national company with locally based service teams, we will not sub-contract out your waste. It's our trucks, our facilities, our treatment. We don't put your compliance at risk. 


We are a leading healthcare waste expert managing biohazardous wate, pathological waste, sharps, non-hazardous + hazardous pharmaceuticals, and chemotherapy waste. 


Our sharps containers and medical waste bins are designed by clinicians for clinicians; engineered for safety, robotically washed and sanitized for optimum infection control, designed for healthcare 



Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Anaheim

We have serviced Anaheim hospitals and medical clinics for over 15 years. Combining our clinical expertise with quality-focused operational backend, our medical waste collection services deliver a new standard of excellence. At Daniels, we are driven by a mission of making healthcare safer, and our customers are people, not numbers. We are passionate about delivering clear expectations, concise communication and the highest standards of service reliability, knowing that healthcare facilities depend on their service partners to be able to do what they do best - care for patients. As guardians of our customers' cradle to grave responsibility, we will not broker waste to another company, rather we own it all - the transport, treatment and documentation for medical waste services, including chemotherapy waste, regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, sharps disposal, and hazardous waste. Our team are experts in navigating compliance standards and local regulation. Let us help you improve your infection control, cut your costs, reduce waste volumes and improve your service effiencies. 


We are a clinically-outcome focused medical waste partner. Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Bin Decontamination. We thoroughly sanitize each container with our state-of-the-art robotic washing and decontamination process. Infection control at it's finest.
  • Lower Disposal Costs. We help you improve your waste segregation, reduce medical waste volumes, and lower your waste disposal costs 
  • No 3rd Party Hauler Risk. Our trucks and drivers assume any risk associated with the service of your facility. Expect nothing less than knowledgeable, timely service with every waste pick-up.
  • Eliminate Needlestick Injuries. Leading in safety, our clinically-designed Sharpsmart system helps reduce the risk of needlestick injuries by up to 87%.
  • Customized Services. We design services that are based on your needs - right containers, right capacity, right waste pickup frequency; you're only paying for the services you need. 
  • No Hidden Fees. We are upfront with our contracts and services; our business model is focused on building a partnership that grows for years to come. 





An often overlooked but important aspect of infection control in hospitals or clinics is waste bin cleanliness. At Daniels Health, we provide modern systems and washing processes that achieve exemplary bin cleanliness and cross-contamination reduction.

As partners, we help to make your staff fully aware of proper medical waste management techniques and given access to the most clinically-forward waste collection solutions that will minimize "touch" and infection control risk. As your chosen waste management team, we provide training & education, as well as regulatory guidance on waste segregation protocols and best-practice waste handling. Each waste collection is accompanied by a detailed manifest, including the number of containers, as well as the types and amounts of waste disposed of, as well as a Certificate of Destruction to document compliant waste disposal. Not sure if we're the right fit for your facility? Click below to hear from our customers. 






Service in Anaheim.

With its name consisting of a beautiful blend of its makeup, Ana- referencing the Santa Ana River and -heim meaning “home” in German, Anaheim, CA tells a unique story composed of German American beginnings. Resting southeast of downtown LA, this city is filled with its own noteworthy districts and embraces its own identity. We are thoroughly pleased to do business in “The Heart of Orange County.” 


Anaheim absolutely thrills us with its appeal. Our team appreciates having Disneyland Park right in our backyard, and we love to brag about being able to enjoy the only Disney park designed and built under the instruction of Walt Disney himself! With eight different lands, all with their own distinct theme and style, we leave with a different story to tell after each visit. Our team also appreciates the nostalgia that the Angel Stadium brings with each ballgame. Here, at the fourth oldest stadium in Major League Baseball, we enjoy rooting for the Los Angeles Angels. We also appreciate watching the entertaining Anaheim Ducks, a National Hockey League team with the Honda Center as their home, located just opposite the Angel Stadium.

Anaheim’s healthcare system is deemed to be just as important as its entertainment. We are impressed by the West Anaheim Medical Center and their growth over the years. This hospital was named one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the Nation by Thomson Reuters. They were also recognized by The Joint Commission as a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures in 2011, 2013, and 2014. From 2014 to 2019, they were awarded the Healthgrades Patient Safety Excellence Award.

Just like the admirable healthcare practitioners of Anaheim, we will always provide the best in healthcare waste management services.



We service locally.


As a healthcare waste generator, cradle-to-grave responsibility falls to you - which means you must engage with a waste management partner you can trust. All Daniels Health customer's are supported by a local team based at one of our clean waste treatment and processing facilities. It is from here that your drivers set out every day to deliver freshly sanitized healthcare waste collectors to our partners all across Anaheim. This team oversees many aspects of your customer experience from container pickup and delivery to scheduling and service requests. Our California team is committed to delivering nothing but the highest standard of customer service to local healthcare. For more information about the local medical waste handling and storage regulations in Anaheim, visit our California services page here.



Featured Product.


As your full-service partner, we are committed to reducing any risks you may be exposed to during the disposal and management of trace chemotherapy waste. Part of how we bolster your safety is through our innovative and reusable collector for trace chemotherapy waste - the Chemosmart! This containment system is designed to be completely hands-free and allow for easy sharps or bulk chemo waste disposal.