The Daniels Difference


  • We provide medical waste containers designed by clinicians for clinicians! 
  • All containers sanitized through a world-leading robotic washing / decontamination process. 
  • It is our drivers and our trucks that will service your facility, no third party hauler risk
  • We are up front with our costs and transparent with our contracts 
  • Scheduling that supports your practice – you pay only for what you need
  • Eliminate disposal-related needlestick injuries with our advanced sharps safety systems 
  • Eliminate the purchase, disposal costs and landfill of one-time-use disposable containers


  • Regulated Medical Waste Services 
  • Biohazardous Sharps Services 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Services 
  • Hazardous + Chemotherapy Waste Services 
  • Onsite and online compliance and education


Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Woodbridge


Fords. Sewaren. Hopelawn. Iselin. Avenel. Menlo Park Terrace. Port Reading. Keasbey, and Colonia - all beautifully placed components of the Woodbridge Township. Woodbridge is a family-oriented, beautiful town filled with multicultural vibrance and rich history. With lively New York City and popular Jersey Shore close by, Woodbridge has proven itself as a lovely escape and a wonderful place to conduct business.    


There is no such thing as a dull moment in Woodbridge. We enjoy participating in some much-needed retail therapy at one of the largest malls on the East Coast. We are simply amazing by all 1.5 million square feet of The Woodbridge Center’s featured shops and restaurants. We also appreciate the William Warren Park for its gorgeous landscape and tranquility. We enjoy exploring the therapeutic bike paths while taking in the local flora and fauna.

The healthcare in Woodbridge is also impressive. Our team applauds Bryan Jakovcic of Fusion Health for receiving the Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 New Jersey Award. Fusion Health is known for the development of electronic health record solutions for the advancement of the livelihood of inmates in jails and prisons throughout the country. Almost 350,000 inmates are assisted daily due to the efforts of Fusion. In the words of Jakovcic, “As for Fusion, we are unstoppable because of our dedicated team. They bring their A game, allowing us to move fast and outpace our competitors…”

As the great minds of Fusion Health and the clinicians of Woodbridge strive to provide fair, practical treatment, we strive to provide immaculate, irrefutable healthcare waste management services.


Woodbridge Healthcare Waste Management with Innovation.


The standard for healthcare waste removal has too long been a red bag and a cardboard box. Daniels health took on the US healthcare waste sector to increase the options available to those handling medical waste every day. Our initiatives have always held reducing needlestick injuries as our number one goal followed by reducing the amount of medical waste that goes to landfill. Our medical wastes containers look different because they are different. We take a radical approach to waste by using reusable containers designed with clinician feedback. Each of our reusable systems has features for your safety like leakproof seals, impenetrable plastic, and overfill protection. Woodbridge deserves a full healthcare care waste management partner that can provide innovative solutions for all cliical waste streams, including:

  • Sharps waste and regulated medical waste (RMW) 
  • Non Hazardous pharmaceutical waste 
  • RCRA Hazardous and Controlled Substances 
  • Trace and Bulk Chemotherapy Waste




Medical Waste Disposal for all-sized patient care facilities in Woodbridge

As your partner focused on clinical outcomes, we deliver:

  • Clear, transparent contracts, we deliver services with no hidden fees or surprise charges.  
  • Proven results and case studies showing our medical waste disposal services have resulted in 59% waste reduction, cutting back on 3.9 tons of cardboard and plastic waste per 100 beds per annum.
  • Healthcare facilities of any size will benefit from our expertise, including veterinary clinics, surgical centers, teaching hospitals, and dialysis centers.
  • With one of our primary goals being the reduction of needlestick hazards, we have saved an estimated 20,000 healthcare workers from injury since the introduction of our Sharpsmart biohazard sharps container.
  • As regulatory experts, we are sure to meet or exceed all applicable domestic and international regulated medical waste and sharps disposal guidelines.
  • With the implementation of systems such as our foot-pedal operated, bagless Medismart container, we ensure infection control and positive clinical outcomes.



We improve clinical safety and cleanliness within your facility by way of proper hand hygiene and waste segregation. We thoroughly disinfect and sanitize our biohazard disposal containers with our cutting-edge, fully robotic Washsmart system to actively reduce the risk of cross-contamination and lower your infection levels.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare facilities are creating all forms of medical waste, including pathological waste, radioactive waste, infectious waste, chemical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and sharps waste, with production rates that are higher than average. These accelerated rates may complicate biohazard waste disposal, which is why we provide educational resources online to assist your medical practice with regulation guidelines. We also ensure compliance within your facility through close observation of New Jersey’s EPA guidelines.

Access your facility’s service reports at any time, with detailed notation of your waste amount, type, and the number of containers serviced. Access your Certificates of Destruction as needed as well. Not to mention, your Woodbridge medical facility will be equipped with the best biohazard waste containers on the market. 




We service locally.


Daniels Health has grown so that we can offer safer healthcare waste solutions to as many clinicians as possible. While our logistical footprint may increase, we will continue to approach each customer with a local presence. Our servicing plant is familiar with your city and all the barriers that come with it. Woodbridge is a popular place and our drivers know the best routes to serve you efficiently. Our operations team at the plant manage the treatment and disposal of your healthcare waste to ensure compliance. For more information about the local medical waste handling storage regulations applicable in Woodbridge, visit our New Jersey page here. 


Featured Product.


Trace chemotherapy waste, also referred to as cytotoxic waste, is a highly regulated stream that must be handled and disposed of carefully. Improper disposal can harm the environment and also the clinicians disposing of it. Daniels Health created the Chemosmart to provide a reusable chemotherapy waste container that eliminated any unnecessary touches from clinicians during disposal. With the reduction of touches, the risk of infection and contamination drastically decrease. Why take the risk by using disposable alternatives?