Local, Cost-Effective Waste Disposal


We establish waste collection service frequencies that match the waste streams and waste volumes your facility is generating, ensuring you're only paying for what you need. 


As a national company with locally based service teams, we will not sub-contract out your waste. It's our trucks, our facilities, our treatment. We don't put your compliance at risk. 


We are a leading healthcare waste expert managing biohazardous wate, pathological waste, sharps, non-hazardous + hazardous pharmaceuticals, and chemotherapy waste. 


Our sharps containers and medical waste bins are designed by clinicians for clinicians; engineered for safety, robotically washed and sanitized for optimum infection control, designed for healthcare 


Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal in San JoseMedical and biohazardous Waste Disposal

Daniels Health has over 30 years of experience of providing sustainable, trustworthy, and customizable medical waste management services. What started as a sharps container company has evolved into a total waste management solution- which means we go above and beyond waste pick-ups. We want to get to know the inner workings of your facility so that we can help you better manage your waste streams, including chemotherapy waste, medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, sharps disposal, and hazardous waste. When Daniels is managing your medical waste, you get expert compliance partners, lowered medical waste volumes and costs, increased safety & infection control, and a local team who understands your unique needs. We are proud to service San Jose medical facilities

As a clinical-outcome focused medical waste partner, we are sure to provide:

  • Medical waste management services to all sized facilities, from pharmacies and small clinics to hospitals and long-term care facilities.
  • Flexible scheduling that meets your needs. You will only pay for pick-ups as required.
  • The safest reusable medical waste containers on the market. With hand-free disposal and over-fill protection, infection control is simple.
  • Cradle-to-grave management of your waste. We treat your waste as our own.
  • Regulatory guidance to ensure that you are always compliant.



We know that in order to keep your facility at its optimal level of cleanliness and free of infection, you must have access to the best resources. Because of this, we stand on providing top-notch bin cleanliness, utilizing the best hand-hygiene practices, and reducing cross-contamination.

Medical Waste Bins
Here at Daniels, we know that most healthcare facilities do not realize that 15% of biomedical waste is usually toxic, infectious, and even radioactive in some cases. We are sure to provide knowledge on the proper regulatory guidelines, as well as educational resources. Expect a detailed report with each waste collection, listing the number of containers serviced and the types and amounts of waste disposed of. You will also have access to Certificates of Destruction, not to mention the experience of using the best preeminent medical waste containers available. Check out our selection of reusable biohazard waste containers or click below to read a few customer testimonials.




Service in Wilmington.

Once a humble farming community with agricultural beginnings, San Jose is now the largest city in the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California. The first Spanish pueblo in California has transformed into what is now known as “The Capital of Silicon Valley.” Today, San Jose prospers as a political, economic, and cultural hub, and we are truly privileged to do business in this phenomenal city. 

San Jose provides an abundance of reasons to become intrigued by its allure. Our team appreciates the fun entertainment, rich culture, beautiful sights, and engaging nightlife that Downtown San Jose offers. We enjoy dining at a different establishment with every visit since there are hundreds to choose from. We also enjoy relaxing at the Plaza de Cesar Chavez while there and being surrounded by tranquil fountains, picturesque flower beds and art. Our team also appreciates the creative genius behind The Tech Interactive. Here, we can admire several interesting tools and gadgets powered by cutting-edge technology. Their hands- on activities, labs, and challenges prove that they are deserving of their National Medal for Museum and Library Service.

San Jose offers exceptional healthcare along with its entertainment incentives. We are amazed by the Good Samaritan Hospital and their impressive approach to healthcare. They are one of only three hospitals in the United States to receive the Outstanding Achievement Award from the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer for five years consecutively! This hospital is also recognized as a Joint Commission Top Performer Hospital on Key Quality Measures.

We are just as determined as the well-trained healthcare professionals of San Jose and we will always provide safe, first-class healthcare waste management services.



We service locally.


With our mission undergirded by "making healthcare safer", we're focused on safety and quality excellence not only in the hospitals and healthcare facilities we service, but across every area of our operations including transport, waste disposal and treatment. With a facility located in Hayward, only 40 minutes from San Jose, we are as local as you can get, meaning we can offer flexibility, responsiveness and reliability of waste collection services like no other medical waste company in the area. Our local team of compliance, customer excellence and operational experts at our facility ensure every aspect of your customer experience and quality control is monitored, and we are able to pivot when your needs or waste volumes change. For information about the local medical waste handling and storage regulations applicable in California, visit our California services page here.



Featured Product.


Needlestick injuries in healthcare is something that never loses focus with nurses and clinicians due to the infection transmission risk posed by accidental puncture. Designed by our founder, Dan Daniels, in conjunction with clinical users, the Daniels Sharpsmart container has transformed safe needle disposal in 6 countries, averting thousands of needlestick injuries and reviewed in some of the world's leading medical journals. Available in four sizes and with different lid openings for secure and non-secured clinical areas, the Sharpsmart has inbuilt safety features that prohibit hand access, eliminate overfill, securely lock when full to prevent tampering or theft, as well as preventing cross-contamination with its hands-free disposal capability. Utilized in some of California's most prestigious healthcare practices, including Stanford Health, it is widely regarded as the safest sharps container in the United States, if not the world.