A New Normal for Environmental Services 

Cleaning professionals are on the frontlines in the defense of clinical hygiene - so what efforts can be made to protect them during their duties in regards to healthcare waste management? Daniels Health is committed to creating a new normal for EVS workers that prioritize their safety during sanitization, labor-intensive waste movement, and any patient interactions. 


In patient-care settings, we are seeing the current infection control challenges to medical waste management:

  • Medical Waste Bins in patient rooms – who cleans the bins?
  • Reg bag removal, manual cardbox box assembly, direct contact with disposed medical waste
  • Hand “touch” of medical bin lids to open or close

Allow us to remove thes challenges for your EVS team.


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How Daniels can drive a New Normal for your EVS team


Experience easy sharps container exchanges with our Sharpsmart collector - designed with overfill protection, when the container is 2/3 full the tamperproof tray automatically flips up, sealing off the opening, and reads "FULL."


Did you know that red bag waste is handled up to 8 times during the disposal process?! Our containment solutions and approach to waste management eliminate unnecessary container touches - significantly reducing your risk of infection or injury.


We seek out any opportunity to reduce your labor and simplify waste management responsibilities. One way we achieve this is through bulk movement accessories. All Daniels containment systems are compatable with our wide variety of mobile carts and transporter units.


A few risks to the cleanliness of the clinical environment are waste container cabinets and static containers in the patient rooms. Daniels Health offers a solution in the form of mobilized waste containers that can easily be removed from the patient environment and are robotically sanitized after reach fill.

How We Make Waste Move

All good adventures begin with a map. Our team works with you to completely map the movement of waste throughout your facility - from generation to final waste pickup. From there, we identify how to ease that movement. We achieve this through our transporters that have been designed to deliver not only compact dust-free multi-stackable storage of sharps and medical waste containers but also to reduce manual labor in seamless container movement continuity between clinical areas and offsite transportation. Designed with mobility in mind, Daniels Transporters can be positioned for optimum access and utilized for the storage of both clean containers (eliminating space burden on utility rooms), and full containers staged for transport.




Let's Explore Change Together

As your healthcare waste management partner, we will focus on ways to not only increase the safety of your EVS team but of your entire clinical staff. Explore our full range of innovative healthcare waste containers here or if you're ready to discuss your waste management strategy goals around infection control, safety, and costs - book some time in with one of our specialists to learn how Daniels Health can support you.