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02 Apr 2019

Team Spotlight: Hailey Huey

The recipient of our latest Team Spotlight blog is, Senior Talent Lead, Hailey Huey! Hailey has been with Daniels Health for over three years and has been instrumental in the development of both our production roles and corporate. Voted “The Wind Beneath Our Wings” in 2018, she has a bright energy that makes her the go-to person for career advice, recipe suggestions, or karaoke performance ideas.


Can you tell me a bit about when you started at Daniels and how your role has transformed?

When I first started at Daniels Health, I was recruiting volume roles like CDL Drivers and production associates. This was my main responsibility for around 6 months. I was lucky enough to receive a promotion after that time that shifted my responsibilities to corporate hiring. One of the corporate hires I’m most proud of was our entire Non-Acute Sales team. They focus on healthcare waste management solutions with our healthcare partners in the non-acute space.

After getting my feet wet, I was further promoted to oversee the overall corporate recruiting which obviously gave me more ownership over budgeting and visibility. I gained insight into what is to come and garnered more experience over the full recruitment process. However, I’ve had invaluable exposure to projects outside of scope of recruitment. Some other pieces I was responsible for helping with were cost-savings initiatives, system transformations, and filling highly immersive roles.


Why do we call it “people and culture” instead of HR?

We call it People and Culture – P&C for short – because it’s not a cookie-cutter Human Resources team. We are progressively non-traditional in our roles as well as our process for finding the right fit. Compliance and legality are really important to us but we’re heavily focused on the aspect of employee engagement. We want to make sure people are happy with our work culture and we are always looking for ways to improve that.


What values of Daniels do you feel strongly about?

  • Invest – Empowering and mentoring our people to grow, lead, innovate, and take risks
  • Authenticity – Being real and genuine about who we are, what we value, how we give, and how we partner
  • Pioneer – Not being afraid to innovate or challenge comfort zones; pursue new ideas and ways of thinking, no matter how bold or impossible
  • Vision – Having faith to believe in things that are impossible or implausible; enlarging our capacity to fulfill a greater purpose than ourselves


How have the goals of P&C evolved since you started? What are they focused on for the future?

Reactive vs. Proactive – Spending the extra time to get things right and in order so that as we continue to grow, we can eliminate some of the whirlwind. If we do that, we’ll have more time to focus on our internal and external customers’ needs. When I first started, we were very new to the US market and spent a lot of time putting fires out. We still have small fires from time to time, but we’ve honed our processes so we can focus on future state needs.


Can you give me a quick summary of what our normal hiring process is like?

  • P&C Review – phone screen, skype, or in-person
  • Hiring Manager
  • Online Assessments
  • 2nd Round/Final Interviews


Keep in mind, there could be anywhere from 2-6 interviews depending on the level of the role!


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What do you look for most when interviewing someone for Daniels Health?

Overall goals, whether they be professional or personal. Qualifications and resumes are of course important, but I really look for goal-oriented people. Can they handle change? Will they identify with our company culture? Can they deal with the different personalities of the teams they’ll be working with? Is there room for them to realistically grow and do we have the positions to get them there? We dig into behavioral aspects and culture fit the most. Someone interviewing must have a passion for what Daniels does – we look for genuine passion.


What are some red flags for you, in general, with an interview or screening call?

Please do not let your first question be, “How much does this role pay?” Regardless of the role, it just comes off as rude and does not show passion for the company or work. That is not our culture.  Again, we are looking for “genuine interest.”

It feels silly to have to say this but: be respectful! Regardless of the role of who you are speaking to, treat everyone with respect—that is very much our entire culture.


Unfortunately, you are moving on from Daniels to your next adventure, is there any parting advice you’d like to leave for people applying or even your current teammates?

This company offers the opportunity to really learn outside your job description so RAISE your hand when something interesting or new comes up! If you work hard and you make your passion known, they will get you to where you want to go while providing the tools to do so. I would also encourage you to make an effort to get to know the people that work here—it’s an amazing crowd. I have made so many lasting friendships and mentorships that I will keep with me throughout my professional and personal career.


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