The Daniels Difference


  • We provide medical waste containers designed by clinicians for clinicians! 
  • All containers sanitized through a world-leading robotic washing / decontamination process. 
  • It is our drivers and our trucks that will service your facility, no third party hauler risk
  • We are up front with our costs and transparent with our contracts 
  • Scheduling that supports your practice – you pay only for what you need
  • Eliminate disposal-related needlestick injuries with our advanced sharps safety systems 
  • Eliminate the purchase, disposal costs and landfill of one-time-use disposable containers


  • Regulated Medical Waste Services 
  • Biohazardous Sharps Services 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Services 
  • Hazardous + Chemotherapy Waste Services 
  • Onsite and online compliance and education


Medical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Jersey City


The statue of Liberty is often associated with New York City, but did you know that the water surrounding Liberty Island belongs to Jersey City? That’s right – the oldest city in New Jersey has share of one of America’s most famous landmarks. Due to the close-proximity, Jersey City is lovingly referred to as the “sixth borough of New York.” 


There are many facets of Jersey City to take interest in. The quality of life here has drawn residents from all over the world. The city has such a diverse community that it was ranked as the most diverse city in the entire United States for 2018.

With so many different people and needs to care for, the city has taken the time to create an amazingly intuitive site for all health and human services. You can go here for updates on all the wonderful heath initiatives and programs the city has for residents to participate in. The local farmers market is a big draw as it’s open every day of the week. If the farmer’s market isn’t your idea of fun, you can view the stars (digitally) at the Liberty Science Center’s IMAX theater which is on track to be the largest planetarium in North America! If that’s not stellar, what is?

Similar to Jersey City, Daniels health wants to stand out and be diverse – like our healthcare waste solutions.


Jersey City Healthcare Waste Management with options.


In healthcare today, a lot of facility’s are stuck with the same humdrum solutions they had 20 years ago: a disposable sharps container and a cardboard box. Boring, right? The lack of options, and lack of progressive safety solutions, drove Daniels to introduce something new to the US healthcare waste sector: sustainable and reusables options. All Daniels healthcare waste containers are designed with clinical input to satisfy the safety and security requirements of sharps, infectious waste and controlled pharmaceuticals, and are radically different. Devised with inbuilt locking systems, counter-balanced protection trays with overfill prevention, leakproof seals, and impermeable plastic –As a full healthcare management partner, we don't just deliver the industry's safest containers for Jersey City healthcare facilities, we also deliver services, scheduling and regulatory guidance that supports the unique requirements of every sized patient care facility.


Daniels Health partners with Jersey City healthcare facilities to provide full service disposal and treatment for the following waste streams: 

With a local team that has proven excellence in service reliability and customer support, we can offer best-in-class waste collection services for all sized facilities across New Jersey. Speak to one of our experts today to see how we could partner in managing your waste needs. 


We service locally.

Our skilled drivers know your neighborhoods. Our plant administrators know what the weather is like in each season. We are you neighbors. While Daniels is proud to offer national service – we care more about our local presence in each community. We don’t want to be another faceless healthcare waste company, we want to be your partner. Every person on our teams work together to ensure that every aspect of our customers’ journey is managed to the highest standard of excellence, and our clean processing facility is located an hour north of the city where our team of operational experts manage our disposal, treatment and robotic washing processes. For information about the local medical waste handling and storage regulations applicable in New Jersey, visit our New Jersey services page here.


Featured Product.


One of our many clinically-designed solutions is the Daniels Medismart. Shown here, the Medismart becomes a full no-touch solution for regulated medical waste when equipped on our soft-close Accessmart cart. The best part is that with the use of the cart, our reusable sharps container, the Sharpsmart, can be mounted on the side. Together this trio is often called the “tesla of medical waste solutions”—it’s that innovative. The cart allows for your RMW and sharps to be moved throughout the facility safely and securely,  empowering sage disposal . and point-of-use segregation.