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Our team at Daniels Health are very proud to partner with Intalere, delivering to its members significant savings in the management of medical waste. From physicians offices through to surgical and cancer centers, Daniels is positioned as the leading provider of healthcare waste expertise in the United States. Offering clinically-designed reusable containment systems, online compliance training, infection reduction solutions and a simple, honest and transparent experience in the negotiation of pricing, invoicing and contracts – we put our customers first.  


No outsourced pickups or treatments. We take our responsibility seriously in the protection of your brand.  

As the liability of medical waste falls on the responsibility of the waste generator, it is important to choose a medical waste partner that has an adequate insurance profile and the ability to trace the waste from pickup through to destruction. Daniels manages every aspect of the customer journey; it is our trucks that provide scheduled pickups at your facility, and our clean processing plants that manage the receipt, treatment and disposal of all waste generated from your site. Unlike many medical waste companies in the United States, we do not expose your facility to avoidable risk by engaging third party companies for pickups or treatment.    


Making waste invisible. One less thing for you to manage. With 32 years experience managing healthcare waste, our team are experts in state and federal regulations, and the responsible collection and processing of biohazardous and red bag waste, sharps containers, trace chemotherapy and pharmaceutical waste disposal. Daniels boasts solutions for the online classification of hazardous pharmaceuticals, denaturing of expired medications, and secure containment for sharps and medications that ensures non-retrieval of contents. With over five years of R&D and clinical studies invested into their design, Daniels’ containment systems have been peer reviewed in countless medical journals as the safest containers in the world. We take safety seriously.


This is a partnership…  

As a clinical partner, we will ensure that you only pay for the pickups you need, you will receive containers relative to the volume of waste you generate, you will not receive compliance recommendations that exceed the considered risk profile of your business, and you will never receive an invoice from us that contains surprises. We are very committed to changing the reputation of the medical waste industry, and we are confident that meeting our team will be a refreshing change!


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"Daniels is a true partner..."

Daniels has always been professional, courteous and responsiveness to our needs. A pleasure to work with in all phases of the business, from customer service to delivering outcomes necessary in a very competitive marketplace. Daniels contributes to our organization from the standpoint of Safety, Productivity, Quality and Environmental awareness. Daniels is not just a solutions provider, but a true partner in our business.

Tim Underwood, GM Facilities – Aramark

Ingalls Memorial Hospital

Daniels impact on efficiency...

Switching to Medismart saved our organization nearly $13,000. We also reduced the non-productive time that my staff had been spending switching over disposable sharps containers, and the number of trips for one of my staff members to pick up RMW containers, by 50%. That allowed us to focus more on the cleaning of the hospital in other areas.

Steve Egbert, CHESP, General Manager

Sodexo, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

"Reduces our footprint..."

We take pride in improving our environmental footprint; this is one of the reasons we selected Daniels Health for medical waste removal services. Daniels technology reduces our waste footprint and needlestick injuries. Our working relationship with Daniels has been simple, reliable and easy for the hospital. I would readily recommend Daniels to other healthcare facilities.

Bill Brandow (EVS Director)

Anniston Regional Medical Center