Daniels Health. Providing Houston biohaz waste disposal

If you’re tired of your healthcare waste disposal bill being too high give us a “Texas-sized 10-4, good buddy” 


Daniels Health is a local Austin medical waste management partner that is not only dedicated to increasing your safety and compliance but lowering your total cost of ownership too. Austin healthcare facilities have chosen to partner with us because: 


  • Our local servicing plant in Houston is trained, willing, and committed to delivering exceptional service
  • We are considered an industry authority on compliant healthcare waste service, treatment, and disposal.
  • Our unique reusable containers, which are actually categorized as safety-engineered devices, make waste segregation easy with their vibrant colors
  • Our team consistently builds out educational resources that are always free to you in our Knowledge Center
  • All of us at Daniels Health are committed to Making Healthcare Safer for clinicians, staff, and patients.


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