Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trace Chemotherapy Waste

Vials or other containers that have less than 3% of the original contents by weight, after removing as much of the chemotherapy medicine as feasible and by normal means. Trace Chemotherapy waste typically exhibits reactivity, toxicity, ignitability and corrosivity. Trace Chemotherapy Waste Includes any empty chemotherapy containers, intravenous bags/bottles and IV tubing that do not hold either a P-listed chemotherapy medicine or a State-only hazardous waste, all empty bags, drug vials/needles, containers, gloves and tubing with chemotherapy medicine remaining from use during chemotherapy infusions, and any PPE, masks, gowns and other materials use during chemotherapy infusions that are not visibly contaminated. Trace Chemotherapy Waste can be disposed of in a Chemosmart chemotherapy container.

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