Frequently Asked Questions

How do you guarantee the containers are clean?

The medical waste and sharps disposal containers are subjected to a validated cleaning process in a ‘Washsmart’ tunnel washer. The robotic process enables hands-free, safe and thorough decontamination, developed and tested to achieve a 6-Log reduction in microorganisms. This is proven utilizing a documented pathogen challenge. The 6-stage cleaning process encompasses high-pressure cold flush, warm water washes and a hot final rinse. Hospital-grade disinfectant is used to ensure soil removal. The machines incorporate closed loop control systems for temperature and time with parametric release and monitored alarm systems that prevent a cycle progressing if the cycle parameters are not achieved. Visual inspection is carried out on all containers and routine ATP swabbing and analysis is randomly performed to ensure that the container surfaces are cleaner than the acceptance criteria of the hospital environments they are used in.

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