Bladesafe Multi

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More than 300,000 US healthcare workers sustain sharps injuries every year in the United States, and over 42% of these occur in the Operating Room. 

A large proportion of OR sharps injuries occur through suturing and the passing of sharps. A Hands-Free technique is mandated by OSHA law for the passing of scalpels and syringes, but the consistent use of a neutral zone remains limited and the use of kidney dishes and flat trays offer sub-optimal protection in safely retrieving instruments. 

Designed in conjunction with perioperative staff, the Bladesafe Multi provides a solution to the safety risks associated with the transfer, storage and disposal of sharps within a surgical setting. The Bladesafe passing tray facilitates intuitive retrieval, depositing and passing of devices by surgeons and scrub staff mid-procedure, and the Bladesafe counting tray provides a convenient single location for the management of all procedural sharps including K-Wires, hypodermic needles, suture counting, scalpel storage and blade removal. 












Establishing a Neutral Zone

A double-sided adhesive strip on the underside of the tray allows the unit to be firmly affixed to surfaces, providing a neutral zone for the placement and retrieval of sharps during procedure. Once the procedure is complete, the Bladesafe Passing Tray clips snugly on top of the Counting Tray, providing safe containnment and consolidated disposal of used sutures, blades and hyperdermic needles. 


Protecting Staff & Patients