S14 Sharpsmart Sharps Container


The smallest of the S-series range, the S14 reusable sharps container is ideal for patient room use and lighter sharps volume areas. A gravity-balanced safety tray restricts hand-access to contents and ensures safe deposition of even the lightest of sharps. 

  • Reusable: Reduces waste by over 25%.
  • Container Opening: Enhanced ease of disposal for butterflies and bulkier sharps.
  • Pre-assembled: Ensures proper assembly, saves staff time.
  • UN PG2 and DOT Approved: No additional packaging required for transport.
  • Stackable: Design provides efficient and stable stacking of full Sharpsmart collectors.
Product Code:
Wastestream :
Fill Capacity :
6.9 Quarts | 1.7 Gallons
Total capacity :
14.8 Quarts | 3.7 Gallons
Dimensions :
11.2” (H) x 15.7” (W) x 8.3” (D)