Written by Therese Schultz
14 Feb 2018

Team Spotlight : Bobby Condon

"A lot of people who work at Daniels have outside ambitions and interests. The company encourages this and wants to see everyone succeed and have a work life balance."

Bobby Condon, our good friend and People & Culture business partner, reflects on his 5-year journey at Daniels Health and how it has prepared him for his next career move: pursuing his dream of becoming a comedian in New York.


You've been with Daniels since 2012, how has Daniels changed since you've started?

It was a little tiny office with no kitchen, but there was a Keurig machine in the copy room which I thought was the coolest thing in the world. The People and Culture department was named Human Resources at the time and it consisted of myself and one other person. If you look at our department now, it is more than 12 people. Daniels had about 300 employees nationally when I started and we're now we're over 550... and we now have a kitchen! 

The Daniels support office has more than doubled in size. Coming to our new office was such an awesome experience because it is very open and collaborative. It's much more reflective of how the business operates. 

What are some key milestones that you feel have shaped your career?

Jude Duff taking over the P&C Department was a major milestone for me personally. Jude brought a lot of structure to the department and also it was a vote of confidence from our team in Australia that they believed in what we were doing in expanding the reach of human resources in the company.

One more recent milestone was the opportunity last year to travel to our medical waste operational plants and give presentations on our benefits program. For me this interface with the business was invaluable because not only are you taking an interest in your employees' well-being literally, but we had the chance to meet our teams in different states, regions, circumstances, positions, etc. Personally, it was great to finally put a face to the many names I see come through payroll each week. 


Tell us a little bit more about your next chapter - what will the next 12 months have in store for you?

My new job is a director-level role for the Human Resources department at a tech startup. I gained a lot of the skills needed to get that job working here at Daniels. While I'm in New York, I'll also be performing in standup comedy. It has always been a dream of mine along with a plan to relocate to one of the 'comedy central' coastal cities. 

I started comedy when I started working at Daniels back in the spring of 2012. My work and my personal life didn't conflict much at the time but the leaders here want you to expand as a leader, not just as an employee. It's in everyone's best interest if our team are fulfilled both in and out of work. If you're fulfilled outside of work, you come to work happy and motivated. I started the 'outside job' as standup comedy while I was here, and never once did I have to tell bookers/friends 'no I can't do this because of work'. A lot of people deal with that in the comedy circuit, so everyone was very supportive of me chasing my dream, both in and out of work. 

The company encourages work-life balance and wants to see everyone succeed. All of the leaders here were happy for me when I announced my decision to pursue my dreams.

Who has mentored you at your time at Daniels and how have they helped prepare you for your next journey?

My managers, Jude, Tiffany, Maryam mentored me and taught me a lot. It gave me freedom and leeway to navigate through a lot of new situations on my own, while also coaching me to reach my full potential. I've grown and been promoted and the department has grown along with me. It set me up in a place where I was ready to take on a new position. Dan Kennedy also took a chance on me when he first hired me. Dan is one of the greatest managers I have ever worked with; he is very straightforward and doesn't mince words, he's fair, compassionate, has a high level of integrity and is someone that I really look up to. 

Dan Daniels has also been very influential. A few years ago, Dan saw me outside smoking a cigarette and told me that if I quit, he would send me on a paid trip to Ireland (my home land). This gesture spoke volumes to me about the authenticity of Dan's leadership; instead of solely caring about my work performance, he wanted to help me improve the quality of my life. I took up his challenge, I quit cigarettes, and I am forever grateful to Dan for his motivation and providing the trip of a lifetime.


What are a few words to describe Daniels' culture?

Collaborative, compassionate - everyone cares about each other. Flourishing - growing internally and externally. We're not where we want to be but we are reaching toward it.


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