Written by Therese Schultz
10 Mar 2018

Team Spotlight : Anthony Kurche

Anthony was empowered by the vision of Daniels and was personally passionate about reducing injuries in the customers facilities that he dealt with. In addition he brought exceptional focus, energy and drive in his approach to partnering with customers to convert the Daniels suites of products and services to deliver the safest, most sustainable solution.

David Skinner, Vice President

Anthony Kurche has been an integral part of our Northeast team for the past 2.5 years and has grown tremendously as one of our sales leaders. Before embarking on his next extremely exciting career move, Anthony took some time to speak with us about his experiences at Daniels. 

Throughout the past 2.5 years that you've been with Daniels Health, what have you learned most through your experiences?

I've truly learned to embrace innovation. At Daniels, we have a radically different approach to the medical waste industry and there are a lot of hurdles in changing decision makers' mindsets. While there is a challenge in conveying new concepts to people, everyone who works for Daniels openly accepts and embraces the challenge to prove the value in our offerings. We partner with customers, we address how they have manged practices and processes in the past and then customize a new 'Daniels way' to improve the facility all around. 

Ultimately, the overriding principles at Daniels while going out in the field are to never conform or be ordinary. These principles have been really engrained in watching how the executives and support team oprerate. To be able to build a company and execute something difficult but meaningful, I've learned that its important to never settle for ordinary. 

On a day-to day-basis, we are talking with potential customers trying to change the way people think. Once this mindshift happens, they begin to understand that we can improve their facility and overall safety.

What excites you most about the offering or future of the company?

I'm most excited about the impact that we will have on more facilities as the healthcare industry continues to discover and believe in our solutions. We have the ability to improve the way faciltiies segregate their waste, their environmental footprint, staff and patient safety, and so much more. The responsiveness from the individuals who use our sharps container and medical waste systems is extremely rewarding; to see their enthusiasm and happiness once the system is actually installed is fulfilling. It is thrilling to go into a practice and hear decision makers express their gratitude for changing their organization by making it safer, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable.

When you think back to your time here, what moments/milestones in your career will stand out to you?

I still remember the first customer that I signed, which is a General Practioner in Chinatown. This first achievement at Daniels motivated me to continue my efforts and I still vividly remember that rewarding feeling I had.

Another special experience is when the Senior Leadership arranged a meeting in New York City to meet with me and discuss my perspective of the SQG market, which I was specializing in. It was a phenomenal experience to share my views and then receive feedback from each executive. I remember being on the plane that morning and I was extremely nervous thinking about who I would be speaking with. I was only with the company for one year so it was intimidating, I was completely blank but it was a memorable experience. This meeting was my first exposure with the national team and CEO; it meant a lot to me that they took the time to come out and strategize with me.

When the Senior Leadership Team visited with me in the Northeast, they welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to continue what I was doing while lending their support and advice in any way that they could provide it. 

How has Daniels been a platform for you as you enter your new role at a different company?

Daniels as a whole always provided me the opportunity to grow and develop. I was consistently motivated by the leadership to expand the way I was thinking and embrace new and sometimes challenging projects; in the last two and a half years I have been constantly pushed to expand my horizons and develop my skills. Skills that I've learned from this process are transferrable because they have improved my way of thinking and shaped my execution strategies. Being granted creative control on my role and the growth strategies of the organization has helped me become more independent in my decision-making, and the empowerment I have received from Daniels leadership supporting and encouraging rather than telling me how, has given me a lot of confidence for this next season. 


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