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Sharps Injury Reduction, a 6 year study

Sharpsmart: Impact on Needlestick Injuries

Sharpsmart: Impact on Needlestick Injuries


Authors:   Grimmond T, Rings T, Taylor C, Creech R, Kampen R, Kable W, Mead P, Mackie P, Pandur R 

850 Bed Acute Care Facility

2 Year, 28 Hospital Before and After Study

8 Acute Care Hospitals Study

Medismart Impact on Safety, Cost and Waste Volumes

Sharpsmart: 28% Waste Reduction


Hospital Waste Management Solutions 

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With constantly changing local and federal regulations, stringent UN classifications, and complex guidelines surrounding the safe handling, containment and disposal of healthcare generated waste streams, we want to make the journey as easy as possible for you to understand, navigate and enact positive change in your facility and processes.

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